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SBEI-SK is a joint venture between traditional companies in the development of electric infrastructures.
Together, we have experience on all kinds of environments combining our years of experience in the field of electric construction, civil construction of substations and high voltage transmission lines. Our company has a solid financial foundation, high investment in equipment and the commitment with the continuous improvement in proccess, innovation, and professional qualification.
We are committed towards the development of the country’s electric infrastructure, providing innovations to face great challenges, but never losing focus on clients and respecting both the environment and our employees.

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Our mission

Contributing towards progress in Brazil by developing electric infrastructure, providing clients with high quality standards and fulfilling our obligations with the services we provide, aggregating our values with shareholds and perfecting the development of out employees.

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Our vision

Become the most important and highest performing company in the development of EPCs in the Brazillian electricity infrastructure.

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Our principles

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Coonsequences
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
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Our values

  • Respecting life and the environment
  • Maintaining integrity and ethics in business
  • Client-oriented work
  • Excellence
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Our history

  • 1960

    Company is founded (as Hauser, Kohn&Romoff) to operate in the field of Electric assembles, civil construction and high voltage transmission lines. Its name changed to SBEI in 1967.

  • 1985

    Entry of French shareholder Spie Betignolles, introducing activities in urban and railroad transport.

  • 1995

    Spie Batignolles acquires 100% of SBEI, making it corporate branch in Brazil.

  • 1996

    SBEI becomes specialized in:

    • High voltage energy transmission lines.
    • Civil constructions and electromechanical assembles in energy substations.
    • High-altitude energy transmission network for urban transport.

  • 2005

    Group SPIE is recomposed through shares in France and England. With new members, they decide to cease all international activities and focus solely on Europe.

  • 2015

    Grupo SBEI accepts the proposal to sell its activities in Brazil for a group of investors interested in the energy market.

  • 1960

    Chilean company Ingenieros Asociados Sigma Donoroso is incorporated into American company Koopers Co, creating SK.

  • 1974

    A group of professionals take control of the company by buying shares. SK grows with new courses of action and becomes one of the top industrial conglomerates in Chile.

  • 1993

    to Peru.

  • 2001

    Entry into
    the Spanish market.

  • 2005

    SK’s shares are put up for negotiations in the Chilean market.

  • 2010

    Entry into the
    Brazillian and
    Colombian markets.

  • 2011

    Entry into the
    Belgian market.

  • 2016

    Beginning of operations in Brazil to carry our projects focused on energy transmission

Creation of SBEI-SK.

SBEI - Sociedade Brasileira de Eletricidade e de Industria Ltda Sigdo Koppers é um dos mais importantes conglomerados chilenos