Boneco Código de Ética
  • Is this correct for the company?
  • Do the company and i share values and principles?
  • How will I feel if this practice is published to others?
  • Will it make me feel uncomfortable?
  • Is it legal? Is it ethical?
  • Is it something I want to be responsible for?

Rules of Business


Our company is opposed to all types of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

We do not tolerate business practices that try to take any kind of advantage.

Conflict of Interest

Identified in situations involving personal aspects, such as eonomic, scientific, educational, religious and social interests.

Donations and presents

We do not accept donations or presents exceeding the established limit of R$ 150,00 (one hundred and fifty Brazillian Reais)

Discrimination and prejudice

We do not tolerate discriminatory attitudes.

Sexual and psychological harassment

Any form of harassment is strictly forbidden. In case of filed complaints, administrative action will be taken.

Health, occupational safety and the environment

You must carry out your tasks in accordance with the ruling legislation, as well as the standards for safety and the environment.

Technology and intellectual property

Follow all laws and regulations concerning the right to industrial and intellectual property over the products, procedures, brands and so on.

Confidential and privileged information

This information is recognized in situations involving personal aspects, such as economic, scientific, educational, religious and social interest.

Appropriate filing and keeping of the company's records

Clients, partners and government bodies depend on precise information.

Use and care of company assets

The entirety of physical assets and confidential information is for exclusive use by the organization.

Media relations

Do not make statements or voice opinions before the press, as this is a task reserved solely for Senior Management.

Irregularities report channel

Canal de denúncias, não fique em silêncio

Don’t stay silent. File report.

SBEI-SK has an irregularities report channel operated by an independent company. This channel is available 24/7 to accept any reports of activities or behaviors that do not fall in line with our Code of Conduct or any other internal policies.

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The reporting process can be initiated by anyone, be them an employee or not, who wants to make the company aware of subjects or violations of ethical, legal and behavioral nature that may be violating the code of ethics, legislation,  behavior rules and company procedures along with the relevant laws.

The process will be activated through a unique channel that may be publicly accessed in several ways. This channel will be made available in the company’s website and the interested party will be made aware at the end of the process.

Corporate Risk Management Policy

We have made available the full procedure for Risk Management and the Committee Charter for your access and knowledge, as these documents are an integral part of the quality system approved by SBEI SK.

Our policy follows the same directives and definitions as our Head Office, guaranteeing alignment with the framework defined by the Company applied to Risk Management. We guarantee transparency through the need to approve the members of the following bodies: Risk Committee, Executive Body and Risk Management.

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